Mike and Terri Akins on Patreon

Mike and Terri Akins on Patreon

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The artist is nothing without a gift, but the gift is nothing without the ability to produce and share it. With our new venture, Patreon, we hope to increase our ability to produce and share unique works of art to you. Art resides in the quality of doing and the process feels like time consuming magic. We need your help with supporting the magic.

Mike and Terri Akins, Owners/Artists of Akins Art Gallery, are producing works of art in watercolor, acrylics, bronze and wood. We want to share, inspire and encourage others through our art. With Patreon, we have a great way to connect to you on a more personal level and listen to your input. Being a member of Patreon will allow you to see the behind the scenes artwork of our paintings, sculpture and upcoming projects. With Patreon and your support, it allows us to continue creating art consistently and provides you with art, bonuses and access to art lessons, tutorials and discounted art prints.


Please join us on Patreon and thank you for your support,

Mike & Terri Akins


Akins Art Gallery

To view our Patreon page, please visit: Mike & Terri Akins, https://www.patreon.com/mikeandterriakins

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